Dalziel S1/S2 - Sevens Training, Sunday 1st June - UDATE #1

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Dalziel S1/S2 - Sevens Training, Sunday 1st June - UDATE #1

Post by djwaddell » Sun May 25, 2014 6:56 pm

The game v East Kilbride has been called off, so instead we're planning to use the pitch booking at Bellshill Academy for a little sevens training.

Will also be a last opportunity to say goodbye from Dalziel to Benji!!

Plan is to be at Bellshill Academy for 1pm and we'll take it from there. This is a Dalziel-only fixture as Strathaven are due to be elsewhere that day.

The changing rooms and access to the pitches is from the back of Bellshill Academy, accessed via Emma Jay Road (across from the back car park for Tesco). I have a map that shows where things are or you can call me for directions.

Tel: 07951 169707
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