S1 SRU Festival - Sun 23rd March - FINAL

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S1 SRU Festival - Sun 23rd March - FINAL

Post by djwaddell » Wed Mar 19, 2014 9:29 am

FINAL: Conditions look fine and heard nothing to the contrary, so assuming at this point (9:27am) that GAME ON!!
UPDATE: Realised that the PostCode sent out in the original TEAMER was wrong. Have now resent the TEAMER with the correct PostCode (though got the meet wrong again). The correct one is G81 1RH and not RL. Previously had lifted this from the SRU joining instructions and only realised when I started planning my journey today - The S2 one was wrong too.

The S1 SRU Festival will take place on Sunday, 23rd March at:

Dean Street
G81 1RH

All teams must be there for 11:30am and ready to start for mid-day.
Changing facilities are limited so Players should come in their kit, with a change of clothing in their bags.
Suitable clothing should be brought in case of inclement weather (and in case there is any waiting around in it).
Players may want to bring food and drink with them.

I would recommend you aim to be there for 11am, so if meeting at Motherwell Health Centre, you'll need to leave around 10:15am.

A TEAMER will be sent out today inviting your attendance.



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