S1/S2 Fixtures - Rest of 201/14 Season

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S1/S2 Fixtures - Rest of 201/14 Season

Post by djwaddell » Wed Feb 26, 2014 11:12 am

As you may already know, we've agreed with Strathaven to link up the S2s for the remainder of this season in preparation for playing next year a combined Dalziel/Strathaven U15 Squad in upcoming competitions.

What this will mean for fixtures will be as follows:

02/03/14 - Game at Strathaven. This will go ahead on Sunday as normal and I'll send out a TEAMER later in the week. We will try to play separate S1 & S2 games if at all possible, using whatever players we can get. If this means playing 8v8 at S2 then that's what we'll go for.

09/03/14 - Ayr (Away) - PROVISIONAL. This fixture is under discussion but we're hopeful of getting confirmation for this. This would be our first combined Dalziel/Strathaven game and we'll look to again field separate S1 & S2 squads against similar ages from Ayr. Everyone who comes along will get a run.

16/03/14 - Cumnock (Away) - CONFIRMED. We will travel to Cumnock to play combined Dalziel/Strathaven S1 & S2 Sides against their Cumnock counterparts.

23/03/14 - SRU Festival (Away). Dalziel S1s will be travelling to Helensburgh whilst the combined Dalziel/Strathaven S2s will be travelling to Whitecraig.

--> Easter Break

26/04/14 - Dalziel Festival (Home). Dalziel S1s will play in a competition with Strathaven, Cartha & Cumbernauld. The combined Dalziel/Strathaven S2s will play Ayr, Cartha and Cumbernauld.

After that, the S2s are intending to join the "Blue Skies" rugby initiative which will hopefully mean us getting further fixtures for the combined Dalziel/Strathaven S2 Squad through till June.

This is an outline of the plans and they could change or be updated as time goes on. As we approach each fixture, I'll be sure to send out further communications in the form of TEAMER invites and also to add further posts onto this forum.



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