S1/S2 Training on Thursday evenings - BACK AT DALZIEL!

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S1/S2 Training on Thursday evenings - BACK AT DALZIEL!

Post by djwaddell » Wed Feb 05, 2014 1:41 pm

Hi All,

UPDATE - 14/03/2014 - We are back on the Grass at Dalziel Park! We started back at Dalziel Park last night between 7 & 8:30pm on the grass at Dalziel Park each week. Please bring boots, a gum-shield and water/non-fizzy drink.

The AstroTurf at Dalziel Park is being ripped up in preparation for the installation of the new pitches - BUT - arrangements have been made to provide facilities at Wishaw Academy Primary School. This will continue on Thursday evenings until we're allowed back on the grass at Dalziel.

The school's address is Loch Park (off the A722 Kirk Rd.), Wishaw, ML2 7EB (next to Morrison's supermarket).

I'll keep you up to date, either by TEAMERs or by updates to this page, of what's happening, so please keep an eye out for changes.

Until we get on the grass again (in March), Thursday evening training will take place at Wishaw Academy. The school's address is Lochpark (off the A722 Kirk Rd.), Wishaw. ML2 7EB (next to Morrison's supermarket).

Any questions or concerns, please let me know.



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