Big Bad Lovey

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Big Bad Lovey

Post by TheKLN » Fri May 18, 2012 2:09 pm

Hey folks here's a snippet from Lovey "The punisher" no love's recent interview for his upcoming fight:
Darrick: Who are some of the people that greatly influenced you while growing up?

Allan: Number one is my dad. An obvious one, but he really was a huge influence on me. I have so much respect for him. He's got a great work ethic and he's a great person. He is someone everyone gets on with, but is still a sensible and responsible type. Whenever somebody says I'm becoming like my dad, I feign insult but take secret pride in it.

On a different note, my Under 18 rugby coach Innes was an influence. From a sporting perspective, he was huge on me. I'd played rugby since I was eight years old, but I'd always been coached by a teammate's dad. It was always very friendly, let's all get along, and have fun-type stuff. When I started training with Innes, he took our kiddie team and turned us into animals. He was a huge character and borderline crazy. A big, intimidating guy and swore as well as anyone I've met. Everyone that was coached by him remembers him with a mix of fondness and fear. He was the guy that made me mentally tough and that's been huge for me. He also had amazing patter like, "Drop your cocks and reach for your socks, shaggers!"

here's the link for the full interview:

what a guy!
"Sexy times!!!"

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